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Thank you for contacting Reno Roofing Company for your roofing needs. Reno Roofing Co. offers quality roofing at affordable prices. We perform all types of Roofing residential and commercial. Specializing in removing roofs on your home and installing a new roof.

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Reno Roofing Company has been roofing and re-roofing the homes and businesses of Reno, NV for almost a quarter century. During that time, we have worked on roofing projects of all sizes and shapes ranging from simple roof repairs to complex roof installations. We have also earned the trust and respect of Reno customers and construction companies. We plan on keeping that trust which is why we use only quality roofing materials and hire only the best roofers in town.

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Reno Roofing Company Does it All

  • Metal roofing

  • Barrel tile roofs

  • 3-tab shingles

  • Asphalt roofs

  • Roof repair

  • New roof installations

Our Services

At Reno Roofing Company, our preferred remedy for most roofing problems is to extend the life of the existing roof by returning it to a serviceable condition. However, even a well-maintained roof structure will ultimately need to be replaced. We know that your business doesn't shut down every time something needs fixing, so we do our work quickly and with a minimum of disruption to your facilities and employees.

Get Your Roof Back to Top Condition. When your roof is damaged, there’s no need to break out your tools and ladder. The roofer at Reno Roofing Company, can handle any roof repair you may come across.

When you become a victim of storm damage, call us for help. We’ll come out and meet with your adjuster to ensure that you are being treated fairly. Many adjusters try to recommend a contractor to you, and push you towards choosing them. Luckily, you can choose whatever roofer you want to complete your storm damage repairs.

Though we specialize in roofing, Reno Roofing Co. is part of a larger construction company capable of serving all of your home remodeling needs

No Roofing Project is too Big or too Small

No matter what size roofing project you have in mind from a multi-unit complex to a carport cover, we can handle the job. Our team of roofers has a combined experience level dating back dozens of years. We have worked on roofing projects and with materials of all types.

The Reno Roofing Company Personal Touch

We know the roofing business and we know it well. But we also work well with others including city and county planning departments, inspectors, insurance agents, contractors, subcontractors, and, most importantly, customers.

Emergency Roofing Service

Reno sees plenty of storms, hail, fires, hurricanes, and high wind events, all of which take their toll on Brownsville roofs. Should your home?s roof suffer damage at the wrath of a natural or manmade event, count on Brownsville Roofing to be there for you.

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Years of experience have made us one of Georgia's best roofing companies. Contact us for a no obligation free quote today!

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  • Storm Damage

  • Quick Repairs

  • Re Roofs & New Roofs

  • Windows, Siding, Gutters

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