Roof Repair

Get Your Roof Back to Top Condition. When your roof is damaged, there’s no need to break out your tools and ladder. The roofer at Reno Roofing Company, can handle any roof repair you may come across.

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Get Your Roof Back to Top Condition

Did a tree fall through your roof during a storm? We’ll patch up your roof to make it like new again. Is the tile on your roof crumbling? We can take care of that, too. You won’t find many roofing companies that will perform the small roof repairs that we will. Call us today to discuss your roof repair needs in Reno, NV.

Why do you need a roof repair?

Your roof is one of your home’s first lines of defense against damage. Because of that, it can take a lot of abuse over the years. You may need a tile roof repair because of:

  • Weather damage

  • Animal damage

  • Improper flashing installation

  • Pooling water

  • Fallen tree limb damage

No matter the reason, you can trust us to perform efficient repairs to restore your roof. Get in touch with us now for the Roof repair services you need.